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  • Made in Buenos Aires

    by Alicia and Eduardo

    Tango, the music of Buenos Aires, is one of the most beautiful dances of modern times. We conceive tango dance as a projection of the culture of our native city of Buenos Aires. The beauty of Argentine tango resides in the elegant movements and inspiring pauses achieved through communication and musicality.

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  • Argentine Tango

    by Alicia and Eduardo

    The mission of our classes is to passing on to participants our love for the tango music and dance. Our focus is on communication, elegance, and musicality respecting both the tradition and evolution of the dance.

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  • Tango Studio

    by Alicia & Eduardo

    Our knowledge of tango music and more than 10 years of experience dancing together position us to transmit the elements of the dance with a perspective for both men and women’s roles and techniques, providing the elements of tango dance as is danced nowadays in Buenos Aires.

    Model 3